Fleeing Illegal Immigrants Killed 2 Tracking Dogs, Says Texas Sheriff

One of at least 14 illegal immigrants trying to flee law enforcement near a Texas beach is believed to have killed two tracking dogs. One suspect may have ties to a Mexican drug cartel, say authorities. The case took place north of Holiday Beach, more than 150 miles north of the Texas border, when state and local police were trying to stop a human smuggling attempt, the Aransas County Sheriff’s Office revealed in a prepared statement. A black Ford truck was headed north on Highway 35 as it was trying to flee law enforcement when it crashed through some fencing and stopped near a brushy area. Between 14 and 16 individuals reportedly ran from the vehicle. Authorities responded to the scene with a group of tracking dogs from a private kennel. According to police, the dogs are not trained to bite like K-9 officers–but are used for search and rescue operations. Authorities were able to find five of the individuals in the brush. A sixth man turned violent, telling law enforcement “if you want me, come and get me,” police said. After his arrest, the man was described as bearing a cartel tattoo among the strangled bodies of two tracking dogs. In the agency’s statement, Sheriff Bill Mills said the case serves as a reminder to officers: “[W]e are still dealing with individuals who may have questionable immigration status these encounters can turn just as violent as any domestic dispute we respond to. And while every effort is being taken to ensure everyone’s safety, we are reminded that not everyone we encounter shows the same level of respect for the rule of law and or life even for highly trained animals.”

No kidding..  This is the sort of story that makes ya sick to your stomach.  Glad these vermin were finally caught by those brave law enforcement officers in Texas.  Hopefully they’ll be charged with not only the immigration violations, and the resisting arrest charges…but also charged with the brutal killing of these poor dogs.  There is a special place in hell for evil people like this.  If ever there was yet another reason to secure our southern border, then here it is.  That is why we have been calling on the last two administrations to BUILD THE WALL NOW!!!…and put U.S. Army National Guard troops physically ON the border with Mexico!  Then, those troops should remain ON the border until that wall/fence is finally built above, and below, ground to prevent tunneling…however long it takes.  Simultaneously, we need to be deporting illegals already here by the hundreds of thousands (and yes, you read that correctly), paying particular attention to known cartel (like this) and gang members (i.e. MS-13, etc.), criminal aliens, and those already determined by an immigration judge to be deported…regardless of age or gender.  And this is just the bare minimum, folks.  To do anything less is NOT in our country’s national security, or economic, interests.  Of course, we’re all for supporting legislative efforts at the state and federal levels intended to fight social security fraud, and to punish employers who knowingly hire illegals.  BUT, securing the southern border, as well as ports of entry into the U.S., should be our number one domestic national security objective.  Period!  President Trump, and AG Jeff Sessions have made much progress on this issue in the year and a half they’ve been in their respective positions.  But, it doesn’t go nearly far enough.  We ALL need to continue to put pressure on AG Sessions, and President Trump to push for the building of that wall…as well as on our legislative reps in both the House and Senate to fund such efforts.

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