Knowles: Dem Socialists Pushing to Infiltrate Schools Because ‘They Can’t Win in the Battle of Ideas’

Radio host Michael Knowles said on “Fox & Friends” that Democratic Socialists are urging Socialists to become teachers because they can’t win a “fair fight.” A pamphlet by the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), in conjunction with the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission, outlines a push for socialists to “take jobs as teachers” as a way to move teachers unions “in a more militant and democratic direction.” Knowles said that according to numerous surveys, “the blood-soaked history” of socialism is unknown by millennials, leading them to identify as supporters of the movement. Campus Reform reported that the YDSA’s 11-page pamphlet notes teachers are able to use their relationships with students to discuss “campaigns around police brutality, immigrant rights, and environmental justice.” The Democratic Socialist platform was championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) two years ago on the campaign trail. Using the same platform, young political newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won a shock victory in June over Rep. Joe Crowley (N.Y.) in a Democratic primary. A new poll also revealed that more Democrats have a positive view about socialism than those who express a positive view about capitalism. Knowles said Saturday that he believes Democratic Socialists are targeting the teaching industry and as a result, students, because they can’t win against adults. “They can’t win in the battle of ideas,” he said. He said that instead, Democratic Socialists are trying to cut off any thought of freedom by students and replace it with socialist ideology. “They’ve got to indoctrinate an ideology rather than educate in history because if they teach history, they’re going to lose,” he said. The pamphlet notes that organizing in schools is a way to “win concessions from the millionaire and billionaire class.” “Teaching is proving to be one viable way for socialists to get into the labor movement and wage class struggle in a key industry that is under attack by capital,” it reads.

Michael Knowles is exactly right!   That’s why Democrats and liberals outnumber conservatives and Republicans by more than 10-1 in academia/higher education.  The libs know that, and want to make that number disparity even greater so they can influence “young skulls full of mush” without competition.  Democrats/socialists/liberals (all the same darn thing) know they can’t win in the arena of ideas.  That’s why they target the youth and rant (or disingenuously whine about “safe spaces”) when alternate ideas are allowed.  Again, they know they can’t win in the arena of ideas.  It’s also why they are pro-illegal immigration.  They figure a certain percentage will end up being eligible to vote.  And, they want them to vote Dem.  Adding more liberal teachers to the mix is just another part of that strategy.  It’s effective.  Conservatives need to put an even more effective strategy to counter it.  And now there’s no excuse for not putting a quality, comprehensive one together.

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