Crowder confronts Antifa activist who ‘wanted a piece’ of him: ‘Your wish is my command’

An Antifa activist known as “Slytherin” recently got more than he bargained for when his violent fantasy to meet CRTV’s Steven Crowder came true. Beer went flying through the air and a police report was filed in Dallas after the “Louder with Crowder” host tracked down the man whose online rhetoric includes “punching Nazis” and the desire to kill “every member of ICE.” Mr. Crowder and his crew originally planned to confront the man during a planned protest against white supremacy. The event was scrapped due to weather, but he was able to anonymously set up a meeting at a local beer garden. “Your wish is my command,” the comedian, dressed as a genie, said during the confrontation published Tuesday on YouTube. “S—! Go f— yourself, you piece of s—,” the man said while throwing his beer in Mr. Crowder’s face. Mr. Crowder then asked what, specifically, the Antifa activist meant when he wrote online: “Holy s—. I’ve wanted a piece of Crowder for a long time.” Other social media posts included a $500 offer to kill members of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “Take it down. Take down the threats,” the conservative pundit said. “Take down the offers to pay people for killing other people and that will be it. But if not, we’re going to file this with the police. OK?” “Good,” the activist replied while scurrying off. “I’m sure they’re going to be thrilled to see killing ‘pigs,’ $500 a head for ICE. Come on, man. Here’s your chance. Everyone’s going to see this: future people hiring you, members of ICE, police officers,” Mr. Crowder countered. The host then provided viewers with evidence of a local police report: case number 58878395023. “As always our first choice is civil discourse, but if you cross the line into violence or if you call for the physical harm of others: I will find you, I will report you, I will confront you, and I will shame you,” Mr. Crowder concluded. The episode racked up over 380,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Hopefully there will be a LOT more..  People need to see this, and the kind of people Antifa really are..  Click on the text above to see a video of this confrontation.  Kudos to Steven for calling out this bed-wetting loser.  Outstanding!     🙂

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