‘We’re Gonna Stand’: Blue Lives Matter Founder Rejects NY Jets Request for Partnership

The founder of pro-police officer group Blue Lives Matter defended his organization’s decision on Saturday not to partner with the New York Jets. Joe Imperatrice declined the team’s offer this week, saying that the National Football League does not respect police officers. The move comes as preseason protests continue amid the ongoing controversial issue of kneeling during the national anthem before games. Imperatrice said Saturday on “Cavuto Live” that he takes issue with associating his organization with the Jets. He told Neil Cavuto how touching it had been to see the son of a fallen NYPD Det. Joseph Lemm saluting his father’s casket that had a flag draped onto it. “That’s why we stand,” he said. “We’re gonna stand because Joe can’t anymore.” The Jets said in a statement regarding the rejection that the team has “had positive relationships with First Responders throughout the Tri-State area for decades and will continue to do so.” Imperatrice said specifically that he has an issue with one of the team’s players, running back Isaiah Crowell. Crowell posted an image to Instagram in 2016 that depicted a police officer’s throat being slashed, an image that has since been deleted. Imperatrice told Neil Cavuto that players like Crowell need to be held accountable for their actions by their respective teams.

Agreed!  To read the rest of the article, click on the text above.

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