Senate confirms two more circuit judges after Flake lifts blockade

The Senate confirmed two more appeals court judges Thursday, continuing to make progress on President Trump’s goal of revamping the federal judiciary after a maverick Republican dropped his blockade. Sen. Jeff Flake earlier this summer had halted progress on judges, staging a protest over Mr. Trump’s trade policies. But after getting the chance to vote on a non-binding statement of pushback against Mr. Trump, the Arizona Republican relented last month and the GOP was able to clear more judges through the committee pipeline, readying them for floor votes. The latest two to earn full Senate approval were Marvin Quattlebaum and Julius Richardson, both of whom will sit on the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Quattlebaum was confirmed 62-28, while Mr. Richardson was cleared by 81-8. Judge Quattlebaum was confirmed last year as a district court judge and Mr. Richardson worked as assistant U.S attorney for the District of South Carolina since 2009. Mr. Trump has now placed 26 judges on the circuit courts.


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