‘Star Trek’ star Nichelle Nichols diagnosed with dementia: report

“Star Trek” star Nichelle Nichols has reportedly been diagnosed with dementia. According to Nichols’ conservatorship documents, obtained by TMZ, the actress, 85, has “moderate progressive dementia.” Per the documents, Dr. Meena Makhijani, who’s been treating Nichols for the last several years, says she has a “major impairment of her short-term memory and moderate impairment of understanding abstract concepts, sense of time, place and immediate recall.” “There’s no apparent impairment,” however, when it comes to Nichols’ “long-term memory, orientation of her body, comprehension, verbal communication, concentration, recognition of familiar people, as well as ability to reason logically and plan actions,” the report claimed, citing the documents. A rep for Nichols did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. In 2015, Nichols, who is best known for playing Lieutenant Uhura in “Star Trek,” was rushed to a hospital after reportedly suffering a mild stroke.

Sad news..

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