Walmart pulls ‘Impeach’ Trump merchandise from website following backlash

Walmart is pulling anti-Trump merchandise sold by third-party vendors on its website, a company spokeperson told Fox News on Tuesday. After the chairman of Students for Trump, Ryan Fournier, tweeted at the company, linking to a page showing baby clothes sporting the words “Impeach 45” on it, a wave of backlash swept through the Twitterverse of Trump’s base — complete with the slogan “#BoycottWalmart.” Several other Trump-bashing pieces of clothing were sold through the site. The Walmart spokesperson told Fox News that the merchandise, though “not offered directly from Walmart,” is indeed being removed by the retail giant. Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale attempted to assuage the outraged Trump voters, telling them on his Twitter account that the selling was “not deliberate” and thanking Walmart for “doing the right thing.”

Good on Brad for taking the high road…  Still..  If that bothers you, then take your business to Target or Amazon..

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