Police investigate elder abuse of Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee

Los Angeles police are investigating reports of elder abuse against Marvel Comics‘ Stan Lee. The investigation was revealed in a restraining order granted Wednesday against a man who has been acting as Lee’s business manager and personal adviser. The restraining order says the former adviser, Keya Morgan, has inserted himself into the life of the 95-year-old Lee. It accuses Morgan of taking advantage of Lee’s impaired hearing, vision and judgment, moving Lee from his longtime family home and preventing family and associates from contacting him. Morgan was arrested on Monday for allegedly filing a false police report by calling 911 saying burglars were in his house when in fact authorities were conducting a welfare check on Lee. Attempts to reach Morgan Wednesday were not immediately successful.

If these accusations are true, then Keya needs to not only have a permanent restraining order against him, but he needs to spend a LONG time in jail, and that’s just for starters.  I imagine he’d owe a lot in civil damages as well…  Then, he’d be wise to get a body guard, or 12.  I’m sure a lot of Marvel fans wouldn’t take too kindly to the idea of such an American icon in his 90s being taken advantage of like that.  Awful..

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