TRUMP APPROVAL RATING Better than Obama and Reagan at Same Point in their Presidencies

According to the latest FOX News poll President Donald Trump has a better rating than Presidents Obama and Reagan at the same point in their presidencies. President Trump’s approval is now at 45%. And that is with 90% negative coverage from the far left mainstream media. President Trump – 45% President Obama – 44% President Reagan – 44% On June 9, 2010 Barack Obama’s approval number was 46% on the Rasmussen poll. President Trump’s approval number is at 47% according to Rasmussen today. Again…. That is with 90% extremely negative coverage for President Trump! 

Just imagine what those numbers would be if CNN, PBS/NPR, NBC, and of course the worst, MSNBC had even a little bit balance in their reporting of this president and his administration.  CNN and NBC/MSNBC’s reporting of Trump is over 93% negative!  That’s not journalism.  That’s agenda-driven advocacy.  They’re basically a propaganda machine for the Democrat party and their politicians.  Fortunately, more and more people are seeing through that crap

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