11 People Show Up to Maxine Waters’ Campaign Event to Energize Millennials

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) held an event on Sunday to get millennials energized about her re-election campaign, but it was sparsely attended. The two-hour “Auntie Maxine Meet & Greet Tweet-a-thon” was billed as a chance for young people to join “top social media influencers” to support “our fearless champion in Congress” and “reclaim our time.” “Millennials come energized & ready to get out the vote!” a flyer read. Video and photos from the event, however, appear to show less than a dozen people there for the “Tweet-a-thon.” Tucker Carlson said Waters portrays herself as the leader of a youthful, energetic, anti-Trump resistance, but she may be “an old person’s version of what young people like.” “It turns out about ten people total showed up at Waters’ event. That’s not much of a movement, though it is enough to start a pick-up baseball team,” Carlson quipped. Despite the dismal turnout at her event for millennials, Waters – who has repeatedly called for the president to be impeached – advanced in Tuesday’s primary and will take on Republican Omar Navarro in November to represent California’s 43rd congressional district. Waters, 79, has held the seat since 2013 and served in Congress since 1991.

Maxine is a nauseating, entitlement-minded, black racist blowhard..  To see a video of the pathetic turnout for her event, click on the text above..  Then,  keep it in mind as you read the article immediately below.

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