Surfers Paradise Anglican Church’s raunchy road sign has jaws dropping

MANY people turn to the Lord for advice, but one Gold Coast church is preaching in an area you mightn’t expect they have a lot of expertise in. In towering letters outside their Surfers Paradise church, The Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit, a sign reads “FORGIVENESS IS SWALLOWING WHEN YOU’D RATHER SPIT”. The filthier minds might immediately go elsewhere, to an act the church doesn’t usually condone, but a spokesman at the church explained what it means. “You don’t open your mouth and yell at somebody, you close your mouth and swallow,” they said, confused as to why someone wouldn’t understand. “If you want to say something, keep your mouth closed for a bit. “Swallow it, don’t spit it out.” The sign was, ahem, erected by Reverend Mike Upton, who was on a day off today after a long, hard weekend of “preaching”. The sign has been met by incredulous locals who are having a laugh at the sign’s innocent gaffe, including Surfers Paradise “Member” of Parliament John-Paul Langbroek, who posted a selfie with the sign along with the caption “This will get the punters in …”. Mr Langbroek, a former dentist, said “As a dentist, maybe it’s a dental reference”. Heavily pregnant radio star Emily Jade O’Keeffe also commented “that’s a church I’d go to” So what do you reckon, naive mistake or genius marketing ploy? Either way, there will be more people getting down on their knees after seeing it. To pray, of course.

This story was from, ahem…”down under” in Australia..  Yeah..  You’re welcome.    🙂

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