Starnes: Boy Scouts to Provide Condoms at World Scout Jamboree

I’ve received lots of email over the past few days – regarding news reports that the Boy Scouts are going to provide condoms at next year’s World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia. Lots of very concerned moms and dads wanted to know if the reports were accurate or if it was a case of fake news. I reached out to the Boy Scouts and they told the Todd Starnes Radio Show that while it is not their policy – condoms would indeed be made available at the 2019 World Scout Jamboree. “Given that the vast majority of the attendees, adults and youth, male and female, will be from all over the world, the 2019 World Scout Jamboree host countries arranged with (World Organization of Scout Movement) so that the host facility could adhere to the existing health requirements developed to address the needs of international health norms in a manner more aligned with local practices by making condoms available through the medical facilities,” a BSA spokesperson told me via email. The World Organization of Scout Movement handbook mandates that the group hosting the world jamboree “must ensure that condoms are readily and easily accessible for all participants” on location. And since the Boy Scouts of America happen to be one of the co-hosts of the event – they must follow the WOSM’s policy. Conservative family groups denounced the policy calling it outrageous and dangerous. “What kind of fire are the Boy Scouts teaching kids to start?” Family Research Council president Tony Perkins asked. “After barely surviving the clash with parents over same-sex scouting, the century-old group now seems intent on traveling the path to complete irrelevance.” John Stemberger, the chairman of the Christian scouting group Trail Life USA, wondered “how far down the rabbit hole the Boy Scouts will continue to fall.” “The World Jamboree is starting to sound more like a 1960s Woodstock festival rather than a campout that parents would want to send their children to,” Stemberger said. “All of this should be deeply disturbing to the churches that are chartering Boy Scout troops.” That’s why thousands of parents have pulled their sons out of the Boy Scouts and embraced faith-friendly organizations like Trail Life USA. It’s been a slippery slope for the Boy Scouts. They’ve tossed aside their storied legacy for the sake of political correctness. They’ve sacrificed their values to satisfy the sex and gender revolutionaries. And now the Boy Scouts are about to frolic in the woods of West Virginia with an unlimited supply of condoms. I can only imagine the merit badges for that – although it might have to be pixilated.

HAHA!  No kidding, Todd!  Veteran culture warrior Todd Starnes is responsible for that deeply disturbing piece.  Both my older brother and I were Boy Scouts, and in their elite “Order of the Arrow” organization….back when it actually meant something.  Thank God we didn’t have this sort of nonsense back then.  What happened to the Boy Scouts?  Unreal..

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