Here are the jobs with the fastest-growing & highest wages

Baristas enjoyed the biggest pay increases among U.S. employees over the past four years, according to a new report. Since 2014, their earnings have increased more than 20.6%, according to job search and review website Glassdoor’s local pay report. Over the past year, pay for these food services employees increased 2.9% to an average base pay of $24,400. Bank tellers also experienced robust wage growth over the past four years. Glassdoor found that these workers saw cumulative gains of 17.7% during that timeframe, while wages jumped 5.5% year-over-year to an average salary of $30,066. Growth in pay among cashiers has increased 16.5% since 2014, with the average salary rising to $27,923 as of April. Customer-service managers received an average pay increase of 16% over the past four years, with an average median wage of $ 54,966 in April. The energy and utilities industry boasted the highest median base pay as of last month, with an average salary of $56,505.

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