Month: May 2018

John Stossel: Junk science locks up innocent people

On TV crime shows like “CSI,” “NCIS” and “Law & Order,” science gets the bad guys. In real life, “science” often ensnares the innocent. Former NYPD Detective Harry Houck gets annoyed when TV shows make forensic science look infallible. “You watch a detective get down and look at a body (and say), ‘He’s been dead for three hours now… (H)e ate dinner four hours ago,'” scoffs Houck. “I can’t do that.” On TV, experts identify killers by their bite marks. In real life, experts claim they can do that. The TV show “Cold Case Files” covered the trial of Alfred Swinton. He was convicted of murder because a bite-mark expert said his teeth matched a bite on the victim. “A perfect match!” said Dr. Gus Karazulas, the “forensic odontologist” whose testimony clinched the conviction. Karazulas sounded impartial and objective. “A forensic scientist is not on the side of the prosecutor or defense,” he said on “Cold Case Files.” “We look at the evidence.” But Swinton was innocent. Lawyer Chris Fabricant helped get him released from jail by doing a DNA test, a much more reliable, less subjective form of science. Fabricant scoffs at bite-mark testimony: “The doctor was just wrong. It’s an unreliable technique.” The more room there is for an expert witness’s unique interpretation of the data, the more that can go wrong, says Fabricant. “Bite mark is similar to you and I looking at a cloud. I say to you, ‘John, doesn’t that cloud look like a rabbit?’ And you say, ‘Yeah, Chris, I think that does look like a rabbit.'” That kind of junk science puts innocent people in jail. I told Fabricant that I assumed most people in jail are guilty. Also, many people say crime is down because aggressive law enforcement has locked so many people up. “If you think that maybe even 1 percent of convicted defendants may be innocent,” replied Fabricant, “we have 2.6 million people in prison today, (so) we are talking about tens of thousands of (innocent) people!” Fabricant works with the Innocence Project, a group that works to get innocent people freed from prison. Through DNA evidence, the project’s lawyers have helped free 191 people. That confident bite-mark expert who got Swinton convicted now admits he was wrong. “Bite mark evidence is junk science,” he told us via email. He resigned from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. But police still trust bite marks. “Let’s say one tooth is missing in the front” of a bite mark, explains Houck. “You’ve got to go, well, our suspect’s got one tooth missing in the front. That’s pretty good!” Houck says he’d demand other evidence. But not all cops do — especially when scientific “experts” say someone’s guilty. Bite marks are just one dubious method police and prosecutors use.

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These Chick-Fil-A workers will be making $18 per hour

The owner of a California Chick-Fil-A on Monday hiked some employee’s hourly wages to as much as $18 and is offering other benefits. According to KXTV, current employees working as “hospitality professionals” making $12.50 to $13 per hour will see a wage increase to $17 to $18 per hour. Also, all employees will get paid sick leave and supervisors will get paid time off. Eric Mason, the owner of the Chick-Fil-A in Sacramento told KXTV, “We’re looking for people trying to raise families, improve their lifestyle. The people (are) the real key component to successful businesses. We’re looking for people who are looking for long-term opportunity.”

Starnes: ABC doesn’t hate Roseanne — The network hates her viewers

There’s no doubt that what Roseanne Barr tweeted the other day regarding Valerie Jarrett, a former top adviser to President Obama, was racist. But did ABC Entertainment go too far when it canceled her television show? Referring to Valerie Jarrett, who is African-American, by her initials, Barr tweeted Tuesday: “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.” Barr later apologized to Jarrett and the public and deleted her tweet, calling it “a bad joke.” ABC said in a statement that Barr’s comments were “abhorrent and repugnant” – which they were. And ABC also said the tweet was “inconsistent with our values.” Now, that’s an interesting word for ABC to use – values. This is the same company that employs Joy Behar, a notorious anti-Christian bigot. Behar, a panelist on “The View,” recently belittled Vice President Mike Pence over his religious beliefs and suggested people who talk to Jesus are mentally ill. After a massive backlash from viewers, Behar was forced to apologize. However, she was not fired for her blatant bigotry. In addition, ABC owns ESPN, which earlier this month rehired the profane Keith Olbermann, a man who has been known to unleash a torrent of vulgarities at President Trump. He has repeatedly called President Trump a Nazi on social media, along with other words that are unsuitable to post in this column. Do the words of Behar and Olbermann reflect ABC’s alleged values? If not, why are they still receiving a paycheck? Well, that’s what we call Hollywood hypocrisy. It’s permissible for actors and broadcasters to attack conservatives and Christians. And Hollywood especially loves it when celebrities attack Trump supporters. This bears repeating – what Barr tweeted was detestable and racist and the network was well within its right to mete out a harsh punishment by cancelling her show “Roseanne.” But in doing so, ABC also punished dozens if not hundreds of other people – actors, writers, producers, costumers and makeup artists. Why not just write Barr out of the show instead of pulling the plug? Well, I have a theory about that. I contend ABC executives privately despised the program and were just looking for a reason to cancel the show. Think about it – ABC’s highest rated program attracted a huge audience of gun-toting, flag-waving, blue collar Trump supporters. And I believe that embarrassed network executives. ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey told reporters before “Roseanne” was cancelled that the comedy was going to stay “away from politics” and focus “toward family” in the upcoming season. Matt Drudge responded by tweeting: “Corporate cannibals stripping Roseanne of her fun.” ABC was basically telling journalists it was going to tone down all the rhetoric that appealed to Middle America – the people Hollywood and Hillary Clinton dismiss as a basket of xenophobic, homophobic, racist deplorables. A few hours after the network pulled the plug on “Roseanne,” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes summed his take on the scandal. “Roseanne’s problem turned out to be that she far too authentically represented the actual worldview of a significant chunk of the Trump base,” he said. And that’s why ABC canceled “Roseanne.” Network executives could not stomach the show’s “deplorable” viewers.

Agreed…  Todd Starnes was responsible for that spot-on assessment.

Tone-deaf MSNBC slammed for bringing on Joy Reid to discuss Roseanne Barr’s social media slur

MSNBC provided viewers with one of the most tone-deaf moments in cable news history on Tuesday when Andrea Mitchell asked Joy Reid about a racist tweet that Roseanne Barr sent about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. Last month, Reid famously kinda-sorta admitted to writing homophobic slurs that she’d previously insisted were the work of diabolical hackers. On Tuesday, after Barr sent a racist tweet, Mitchell asked Reid – who is in Philadelphia to co-moderate a town hall event – about social media behavior in a moment that was captured by TheWrap’s Jon Levine. Mitchell asked, “What do you have to do on social media to get fired from a top rated show on an American broadcast network?” Reid responded by pointing to the specific language of Barr’s apology, noting that admitting the jab was about Jarrett’s appearance was proof that the message was racist. “That was a very telling part of the apology,” Reid said. “I’m not surprised, this is the kind of humor that Roseanne does.” Following the discovery of the homophobic slurs and intense speculation about her own future, the “AM Joy” host addressed that situation during the April 28 episode of her show that airs every Saturday and Sunday morning. “I genuinely do not believe I wrote those hateful things,” Reid told her viewers, adding, “The person I am now is not the person I was then.” Reid got emotional on the air and admitted it seemed unlikely she was hacked, but that she didn’t recall making the offensive remarks, for which she apologized anyway. She also admitted to making several slurs on Twitter – which makes Tuesday’s question by Mitchell especially ironic. Reid was never punished for her homophobic tweets. Media watchdogs were quick to notice the irony that Reid was used by MSNBC to offer her opinion on Barr. Mediaite columnist Joseph Wulfhsohn wrote, “It’s rich that she’s talking about it with Joy Reid, of all people.” “What the hell does someone have to do to get fired from a network these days? To help me answer this question I’m bringing in Joy Reid & Brian Williams,” Fox News contributor Stephen Miller joked. Upon hearing that ABC had canceled “Roseanne,” pundit Mark Simone wrote, “Looks like the only network Roseanne could work at now is MSNBC, they’ve had a host accused of racist posts, anti-gay posts, and anti-Muslim posts and don’t cancel their show, if they apologize.” BuzzFeed’s Steven Perlberg wrote, “As it happens, it’s been one month and Joy Reid’s hacker — the one who made her old anti-gay blog posts slightly more anti-gay and manipulated the Wayback Machine — remains at large. This morning I asked MSNBC for an update in the investigation, but haven’t heard back.” MSNBC did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Yeah..  Imagine  MSNBC is a nauseating cesspool of liberal hypocrisy.  And, they’re so totally clueless that, for example, it probably didn’t even occur to Andrea Mitchell just how bad she was stepping in it even asking that loser Joy Reid such a question about Roseanne..   These people have the IQ of a chihuahua.  And, it’d be funny if it weren’t so frightening that so many people actually tune in to MSNBC/NBC for their news/information.  Unreal…

Stephen Miller blames Obama, Dems for ‘cruel, inhumane’ immigration policies

The White House is aggressively stepping up its fight for tighter border enforcement, blaming former President Obama’s “catch-and-release” policies and legal loopholes promoted by congressional Democrats for the surge in fraudulent asylum claims and youth smuggling into the U.S. “When you want to talk about what’s cruel and what’s inhumane, we should talk about the consequence of loopholes that make it almost impossible to remove individuals showing up in our country illegally, therefore driving massive numbers to take the dangerous trek, leading to more instability in sending countries; leading to more instability in receiving communities; and contributing to the rise of very dangerous transnational smuggling organizations,” said senior White House advisor Stephen Miller. As part of its battle, the White House cited new and disturbing numbers that detail the surge in illegal immigration and asylum claims that they say are the result of the wink and nod policies of the Obama era loopholes. Among them: From 2008 to 2016, asylum requests surged 1,700 percent. Just 20 percent were granted. Illegal entry attempts have tripled as immigrants have tried to get into the U.S. before new effort to stop them can be implemented. Apprehensions of illegal immigrants are up 50,000 for the second month in a row. There has been a 315 percent one-year increase in illegals using children to pose as family units to gain entry into the country. In a backgrounder and conference call, White House officials pushed for changes to the law and closure of loopholes. “The current immigration and border crisis and all of the attendant concerns it raises are the exclusive product of loopholes in federal immigration law that Democrats refuse to close,” said the backgrounder from the White House. It added: “It’s very obvious to say that our immigration system is clearly being gamed by those who are aware of the loopholes and shortcomings of our system. Those loopholes are being used by smuggling organizations and by individuals to enter the country illegally. DHS is unable to address these loopholes because of a failure by Congress to act. The president and the administration have outlined the loopholes and the fixes required multiple times over the last 18 months and have worked with Congress to outline changes that need to take place. Yet, they have not.”

Louisiana televangelist seeks donations for $54M private jet: report

A Louisiana-based televangelist is asking his followers to donate money for a $54 million jet that can “go anywhere in the world in one stop,” The Times-Picayune reported. Jesse Duplantis, 68, a Christian minister based in Destrehan, about 25 miles east of New Orleans, says his ministry has paid cash for three private jets. “You know I’ve owned three different jets in my life and used them and used them and just burning them up for the Lord,” Duplantis says in a video posted to his ministries’ website. Duplantis is now reportedly seeking the funds for a Dassault Falcon 7X, worth $54 million. The problem with the previous jets, he says, is that they require multiple stops to refuel. But flying the Falcon 7X, Duplantis says, will allow him to save money and not pay “those exorbitant prices with jet fuel all over the world.” “I really believe that if Jesus was physically on the earth today, he wouldn’t be riding a donkey,” Duplantis says in the video, “He’d be in an airplane preaching the gospel all over the world.” Duplantis’ video comes after another televangelist, Kenneth Copeland in Texas, purchased the Gulfstream V jet for $36 million. Both televangelists defended their use of private jets during a joint appearance on Copeland’s program, saying that commercial airlines are filled with “a bunch of demons” that get in the way of their busy schedules.

Yeah…lowly “demon” peasants like you and me who can’t afford a personal jet and have to actually travel commercial.  He Jesse..  Here’s a thought..  If Jesus were alive today, he’d probably whip your self-righteous, arrogant, entitlement-minded, elitist butt like he did the “money changers”…and tell you to go were the “sinners” are in coach on a commercial airline.  What a tool..  The idiots who actually follow guys like this, and worse..who give him money for his gluttony, deserve to be conned.

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Arkansas’ medication abortion ban

The Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to Arkansas’s ban on medication abortions Tuesday, leaving the case in the hands of lower courts who are debating whether blocking one specific type of abortion is a major burden on women’s abortion rights. Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma had challenged the 2015 law, saying it would halt operations at two of the state’s remaining three abortion clinics. A district court had agreed and blocked the law, but the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sent the case back to a lower judge for more study on what the burden on women would actually be. The Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday not to take the case leaves the matter in the hands of those courts, but allows the state to start banning medication abortions for now. Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge applauded the high court’s move. “Protecting the health and well-being of women and the unborn will always be a priority. We are a pro-life state and always will be as long as I am Attorney General,” she said in a statement. The law requires an abortion provider dispensing the abortion pill to have a contract with a physician that has admitting privileges to a nearby hospital in case of emergency complications. Medication abortions occur during the first trimester and have been used by Planned Parenthood clinics for more than a decade. The abortion occurs after a woman orally takes a mixture of two pills.