Opinion: Trump’s triumphs are driving his critics crazy

It started with Kanye and ended with Kim, featuring Emmanuel and Angela in between: this week showed President Trump upending expectations and confounding his critics on an epic scale. But perhaps the most revealing thing about it all was not what it said about the president but instead the light that it shined on the army of elitists arrayed against him – in politics, the media and the foreign policy establishment. There’s something truly instructive about their reactions to the developments of the past few days. When rapper Kayne West expressed his support for the young black conservative activist Candace Owens, and then went all the way in his apostasy by declaring his love for – horror of horrors – President Trump, you could practically hear leftist heads exploding all over America. How could this be? West is black. He’s cool. He’s popular. So leftists believe West must hate President Trump, because they believe the president is a racist. First the left lost their minds – but then they lost their credibility. How? By redirecting their hatred of Donald Trump to hatred of … a black man. Because now that he’s backing President Trump, Kanye West is not really, you know, an authentic member of the black community anymore in the eyes of the Trump-haters. Don’t you see – the thing that defines him now is that he’s rich. And so it’s all OK for the left to hate President Trump and Kanye West! Which begs the question: What about all the other rich celebrities who support Democrats and hate President Trump? Is their wealth and cultural cachet acceptable, because it’s deployed against the president instead of in support of him? These constantly shifting poses reveal the truth about the Trump-denying elite: for them it’s not about any kind of substantive intellectual argument. It is pure, personal hatred. You saw the same thing played out in the context of the twin visits of President Emmanuel Macron of France and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. All the way through the 2016 election campaign and ever since his inauguration, President Trump’s critics have slammed the way he talks about and conducts foreign policy. The critics complain because they say the president doesn’t read his briefings and doesn’t speak in diplomatic language. They say he changes his position all the time. They think he is an amateur and a fool who shouldn’t be let loose on the world stage. And they expect him to cause a disaster. One of the key charges the president’s opponents make is the claim that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about on the Iran nuclear deal. Doesn’t he realize that it took years of painstaking negotiation by the world’s top foreign policy experts? And there he goes, bumbling around, slamming it as the worst deal ever, promising to rip it up. He doesn’t have a clue, the critics say. The Europeans will educate him, don’t worry. Well – look what happened this week. Suddenly, you saw first President Macron and then Chancellor Merkel coming around to Donald Trump’s position, agreeing that the Iran deal can’t stand as it is. Perhaps President Trump’s trade strategy – a tough stance against the European Union’s protectionism – might have helped. But the foreign policy establishment, of course, can’t possibly countenance such a possibility. Any deviation from their elitist orthodoxy is beyond the realm of reasonable opinion. When the elites saw the strong relationship that has developed between President Trump and his new best friend Emmanuel, they lost their minds. This didn’t make sense. Isn’t Trump an ignorant incompetent who makes America a laughing stock on the world stage? And then as the strong relationships turn to tangible progress, the anti-Trump crowd loses all credibility by churlishly denying or minimizing it. And nothing illustrates that pattern better than the elites’ reaction to the really big Kim development this week – of the Jong Un, rather than the Kardashian variety. Over the past few months, as President Trump has been moving forward his negotiating plan for North Korea – best summarized in the classic phrase “peace through strength” – the elites lost their minds. President Trump’s words spoken against Kim exploded on Twitter and in the media: “Fire and fury.” “Little Rocket Man.” “I’ve got a bigger button that works.” At every point, the geniuses in the establishment – whose Korea strategy, let’s remember, actually helped create the crisis of a nuclear-armed North Korea in the first place – warned us that the president’s actions were recklessly bringing us to the brink of nuclear war. And now that we see the Trump strategy making progress? Well – the critics have lost all credibility as they minimize and dismiss developments that they would hail as a historic breakthrough if engineered by anyone but President Trump. The truth, revealed this week, is that the elite have shown themselves to be totally superficial. Their hatred of Donald Trump is not based on policy, or real-world results, or anything at all of substance. Otherwise they would acknowledge and welcome the good news on the diplomatic front – and indeed the economic front back home. No – it’s clear that the elite’s hatred of Trump is based on style, not substance. Forget about what the president actually does. They just can’t stand the way Donald Trump is: the way he looks, the way he talks – even what he eats. In a nutshell, they’re snobs. And that’s why they have no credibility.

Exactly!!!  And well said, Steve.  Former advisor to British PM David Cameron, Steve Hilton, is the author of that outstanding piece.  Excellent!!    🙂

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