Analysis: After Slamming Trump’s Alleged Stormy Affair, CNN Declares JFK’s Serial-Adultery ‘Legendary’

The same CNN launching puritanical attacks against President Donald Trump over a disputed one-night stand with a porn star over a decade ago is now glorifying John F. Kennedy’s serial-adultery as “legendary.” Fox News reports that CNN promoted its documentary The Kennedy’s by “hail[ing] the 35th president’s ‘legendary love life,’ before asking, ‘Did one of his affairs connect him with the mob?’” Obviously, the far-left cable channel is once again revealing its partisan double standard. Twenty-five years ago, CNN worked overtime to earn the nickname “Clinton News Network” over its zealous defense of former-President Bill Clinton during the many sex scandals that exploded during his time in office. Clinton had an affair in the Oval Office with a 22-year-old subordinate and was credibly accused of everything from groping to rape. Clinton also settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for $850,000 after Paula Jones accused him of flashing her. Nevertheless, CNN was there to dismiss every accusation and to advance the administration’s personal attacks against his accusers. John Kennedy also had countless adulterous affairs while president, numerous reports say this included a mobster’s girlfriend and Marilyn Monroe, who he reportedly passed off to his brother, Attorney general Bobby Kennedy. Many believe her treatment at the hands of the Kennedy brothers led Monroe to suicide in 1962 at age 36. There are also reports that John Kennedy was a “predator president” who ordered a 19-year-old intern (he had already deflowered in his wife’s White House bedroom) to give his assistant oral sex. For CNN to glorify this kind of compromising, predatory, and destructive behavior “legendary” is something the far-left cable network would only do for a Democrat. A possible one night stand 12 years ago does not even begin to compare with the reckless and immoral behavior of both Clinton and Kennedy, yet the basement-rated place cable channel seeks to protect both Democrats while at the same time seeking to destroy Trump over something that may or may not have happened more than a decade ago. CNN is facing widespread ridicule and criticism over its shameless Kennedy/Trump double standard, which again shows that this last-place news network remains a laughingstock that no one can or should take seriously.

Agreed!  And well said, John.  John Nolte is responsible for that outstanding op/ed exposing the brazen hypocrisy, and double standard by CNN.  One thing we love to do here at The Daily Buzz is to expose the hypocrisy of the dominantly liberal mainstream media.

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