Republican legislators demand probe of ‘abortion bonds’

Two Republicans in Congress are asking the government’s chief watchdog Thursday to investigate how many abortion clinics have tapped taxpayer money in the form of tax-exempt bonds to fund their operations. Rep. Robert Pittenger of North Carolina and Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma said they’ve come across at least four instances of abortion providers benefitting from municipal bonds — including construction of Planned Parenthood’s national headquarters in New York City. But they said there are likely more instances they haven’t found, and they penned a letter asking the Government Accountability Office to do a complete study of what they call “abortion bonds.” Federal taxpayer money is generally not allowed to be spent on elective abortions, but the two Republicans said the tax-exempt bonds appear to be a loophole. State and local bonds are generally used to finance schools, roads and other infrastructure. Interest payments are tax-exempt and deemed secure, which make them attractive for investors — meaning lower interest rates. The two lawmakers said abortion providers seem to go beyond the intent of the bonds.

Agreed!!  To be clear, this is NOT about the abortion issue.  This is about taxpayers being asked to fund them.  That is where we take issue.  Glad to see these GOP legislators looking after us and our wallets.  To read the rest of this article, click on the text above.

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