Roy Moore accuser alters story, admits to adding to yearbook signing

One of the women accusing Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct when he was a prosecutor and she was a teen admitted to fabricating part of the evidence she’s provided to back her story, ABC News reported Friday. Beverly Young Nelson had offered her yearbook up as proof she and Mr. Moore interacted decades ago, but on Friday she admitted to adding to the signature in her yearbook. Ms. Nelson said she only added the date and place, stressing Mr. Moore still signed her yearbook. “He did sign it,” Ms.Nelson told ABC News.

Perhaps..   BUT, this story has clearly lost all credibility and casts doubt on the allegations of the other accusers of Roy Moore.  IF, in fact, Judge Moore is guilty of the many salacious allegations being reported by the dominantly liberal mainstream media, then he should have bowed out of this Senate race.  Absolutely!  BUT, thus far we’ve seen NO proof whatsoever.  And, he has been in the public eye for over 40 years.  He was the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court..TWICE.   So, why after all of this time, suddenly, do these accusers feel that now is the right time?  It’s all very curious, and the voters of Alabama are right to doubt the DC-based political elites and the liberal media.  This story just adds to that doubt.  And, c’mon..  When that self-serving, narcassistic, ambulance-chasing, opportunist Gloria Allred is involved, we know it’s all bs.  Guess we’ll see what the good people of Alabama decide..

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