More fraud in Diversity Visa Lottery as feds move to strip citizenship from four Somalis

The Justice Department moved Monday to strip citizenship from four Somali immigrants who prosecutors say lied about being a family, and managed to defraud the Diversity Visa Lottery program that Republicans are aiming to nix. The government says one woman, Fosia Abdi Adan, won the lottery in 2000 and then brought in two other people as her husband and children, using a fake marriage certificate. The prosecutions come a week after the Diversity Lottery was in the news as the immigration program used by the suspect in last week’s terrorist truck attack in New York City. “The current immigration system is easily abused by fraudsters and nefarious actors, and that’s certainly true of the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Mr. Sessions said the fraud alleged in the case of Ms. Adan meant three other people were also admitted to the U.S. as part of chain migration — an issue where President Trump has been eager to impose new restrictions. The visa lottery doles out about 50,000 visas a year based on pure chance.

..and therein is the problem with it.  We need to have a merit-based immigration system, much like New Zealand and Australia have.  This Diversity Visa Lottery is a mess and full of fraud and corruption.  It may have been well-intentioned.   But, its been a disaster, and it’s time we did away with it.


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