Former Rep. Tom Tancredo to Run for Governor of Colorado

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO), a strong advocate against illegal immigration, will reportedly run for Colorado gubernatorial election in 2018. Tancredo decided to enter the race for governor after a private poll revealed that he had a wide lead over other potential Republican candidates. The survey also revealed that Tancredo has a statistical tie with Democratic candidate Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO). Tancredo told Colorado Politics on Monday, “I think that all of the things we need to do in the state of Colorado really require some bold leadership. It will not be easy to get some real change here, but I think I can provide that kind of leadership. I’m not afraid of taking on tough issues and being bold.” Tancredo explained that difficult issues facing Colorado families include roads, gun rights, education, sanctuary cities, energy, and economic growth. Tancredo was a prominent critic of illegal immigration during the Bush administration. The Republican gubernatorial candidate believes that the Republican establishment tanked his chances of winning the Colorado gubernatorial primary in 2014 after a wave of negative ads from the Republican Governor Association tanked his standing in the polls. “We have to anticipate what the establishment will do. It could get ugly. I think there is a swamp here,” Tancredo admitted. Tancredo had discussed whether he should run with conservative groups since August. “I keep asking the same question — ‘Do you think I can beat (Polis)? Do you think I’m the guy who can do it?’” Tancredo said. “So far, it looks like I have a chance.” Tancredo added, “I am so mad at the Republicans who are presently in office or in the hunt for not speaking out in defense of free speech that it won’t take much to push me over the line.”

Yes!!  We’re thrilled that former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) is seriously considering another run for Governor here in the great state of Colorado!!  In the interest of disclosure, and as many of you know, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tom on a personal level for many years.  He is the one who turned me on to “The Clash of Civilizations..,” and other writings, by Samuel P. Huntington.  Tom is a great guy who thinks outside the box and would be a breath of fresh, albeit feisty, air in the governor’s mansion.  We, of course, will keep a close eye on this developing story.    🙂

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