Kasich floats idea of leaving Republican Party if ‘party can’t be fixed’

Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio, in an interview Sunday hinted that he would consider leaving the Republican Party if its members don’t get their act together. Kasich, who ran against President Trump in 2016, was the last man standing in Trump’s path for the presidency. He announced his decision to end his bid in May. Kasich is widely seen as a Republican moderate. “If the party can’t be fixed, Jake, then I’m not going to be able to support the party,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “Period. That’s the end of it.” Kasich made it clear that, in his opinion, the Democratic Party may not be a viable alternative. He said he has no “idea what the Democrats are for.” ‘What I’m trying to do is struggle for the soul of the Republican Party the way that I see it,’ Kasich said. ‘And I have a right to define it, but I’m not going to support people who are dividers.’ Kasich failed to gain traction with GOP voters in a race dominated by Trump’s ability to seize on the electorate’s anger and disdain of political insiders. Although Kasich tried to pitch himself as the best Republican to take on Hillary Clinton, the weight of the anti-Trump faction never got behind him. Viewed widely as a longshot candidate from the start, Kasich’s popularity shot up after his strong second-place finish in New Hampshire’s primary in early February. But from the South to the Midwest, many voters were captivated by his boisterous rivals, and his efforts to cast himself as a nicer alternative fell short. “The spirit, the essence of America lies in the hearts and souls of us,” he said. “Some missed this message. It wasn’t sexy, it wasn’t a great soundbite.”

If Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) leaves the GOP, then good riddance.  He was somewhat effective with budget issues when he was in Congress.  But, the last couple of years he has become nothing but a crybaby and a whiner.  When the GOP had their convention in Ohio, John Kasich didn’t even show!!  Talk about low class!  Because Trump had beaten him in the primaries, John Kasich wasn’t big enough of a man to put it aside, like every other candidate that lost (including Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee) in the GOP primary.  He just picked up his football and walked off the field like a sissy la la, and it reflected poorly on him.  John said in this interview with Jake Tapper (who was probably salivating at another RINO attacking his party), that he, John Kasich, has “the right to define” what the “soul of the Republican Party” is…whatever that means.  Umm…ok?   Jake should have asked him to explain what the heck that means.   John and other liberal RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) cannot get over the fact that Donald Trump won their party’s presidential nomination…and then won the general election!  They’re still unable to process that.  So, instead of putting the election behind them, rolling up their sleeves and being team players, and working for the people, they instead just whine on liberal tv networks like CNN, write books nobody will read, and in the case of McCain and those in the Senate and House…just vote against anything Trump is for….just because.  They’re a bunch of little children, and we are seeing them for who they are.  In other words…  They’re acting like Hillary; sore losers.  So, if John Kasich wants to leave the party, then by all means, we hope he does!

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