Tennessee Businessman Pulls Ads from NFL Games, Citing ‘Unpatriotic’ NFL Protests

A Tennessee businessman is pulling TV advertisements for his business that air during NFL games for the rest of football season, citing the “unpatriotic” NFL protests surrounding the national anthem. WTVC reports that Check Into Cash founder Allan Jones, a native of Cleveland, Tennessee, is pulling commercials for his businesses—Check Into Cash, Buy Here Pay Here USA, and U.S. Money Shops—for the rest of the NFL season. “Our companies will not condone unpatriotic behavior! TAKING A STAND…NOT A KNEE!” Jones wrote on Facebook. Other business owners are also taking a stand against those who take a knee during the national anthem. Sports bar owners in Virginia and Louisiana are no longer showing NFL games until NFL players, coaches, and owners stop protesting the national anthem. Fans are also hitting the NFL in the purse by deciding not to watch games. The NFL’s Sunday Night Football experienced record-low ratings for the season because of the teams’ decision to protest.

More and more people, and businesses, are voting with their wallets, and telling the NFL what to go with itself right now.  Here at The Daily Buzz, we support wholeheartedly those taking a stand against those NFL players, and team owners, who are taking a knee to protest out great American flag and our National Anthem.  And, if their self-righteous, arrogant, entitlement-minded, and frankly disgusting actions offend you as much as it does us, we encourage you to NOT spend your dollars on NFL gear, tickets, and other NFL related merchandise until the NFL pulls it’s head out of its collective ass.

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