Saturday’s Texas-USC had more in attendance than Sunday’s Rams and Chargers games. Combined.

The Los Angeles Rams are trending upward. A rocky first season in L.A. gave way to a 1-0 start in 2017. Last year’s worst offensive team exploded for 46 points against the Colts, giving former No. 1 overall pick Jared Goff his first win as a starting quarterback and setting the tone for a promising year. The local fans, however, haven’t seemed to notice. The Rams hosted Washington on Sunday in front of a mostly-empty stadium, casting doubt on whether the City of Angels is a premier market for one NFL franchise, let alone two. The red and white seatbacks of Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum were plainly visible throughout the first quarter as a smattering of fans took in the action live. The NFL is still confident that Los Angeles will eventually show up. For comparison’s sake, here’s what the Coliseum looked like less than 24 hours earlier, when two college teams with actual fanbases took the field. This marked the second straight week where Rams players were greeted by a sea of empty seats. Tickets for last week’s game against the Colts were as cheap as $6, but there were few interested buyers. Even adding in the fans that attended the Chargers’ first game wouldn’t match the amount that showed up for USC’s game against Texas. The Coliseum is the Rams’ temporary home through 2019, when they and the Chargers will move into the under-construction Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park. Attendance figures aren’t much rosier for the San Diego transplants in their first season up north. Despite playing in a soccer-first stadium that seats only 27,000 spectators, the club failed to sell out of tickets for its home opener.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words..  Well, to see comparative photos of the Rams game vs. the college game, click on the text above.  It’s definitely eye-opening.  It’s also hard to imagine that at $6 a ticket, the NFL game wasn’t sold out.   That’s cheaper than a movie ticket!  So, it makes you wonder WHY that happened.  That’s simple..  NFL fans are tired of the political correctness, tools like Colin K. taking a knee in “protest” and disrespecting the National Anthem, and the all-mighty money of professional sports.  We as American have historically all watched NFL games because we love watching football.   But, that’s changed dramatically the last couple of years.  Sure, the NFL is all about money, and doesn’t really care about its fans.  As fans, we’ve kinda overlooked that and just put up with that reality.  But, it’s gotten SO bad, and so in-our-face, these last two years, that many of us have just thrown in the towel, and changed the channel.  Last year, I didn’t watch a single NFL game in its entirety.  I remember watching the beginning of the Rams/49ers game, season opener.  They brought in violinist cutie Lindsey Sterling in to do the National Anthem.  As a musician, I was looking forward to that.  But, during the entire playing of that great rendition of our National Anthem, the cameras didn’t show her at all, nor the Color Guard, etc.  They all zoomed in on Colin K…taking a knee.   That’s when I rolled my eyes, and changed the channel…and haven’t looked back since.  We watch sports to get away from politics.  And, when nauseating pieces of garbage like Colin K.  (who is a millionaire many times over) takes a knee to protest how “oppressed” he is, and the NFL leadership doesn’t do anything about it (thereby giving it’s tacit approval), that’s the final straw.  Those are some of the reasons that ticket sales, and tv ratings of NFL games have tanked.  And, until the NFL, and the 30+ owners start respecting the fans, and setting higher standards for the players, we’ll vote with our wallets and take our money elsewhere…

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