Urgent Memo to Donald Trump—Biggest Threat to the Environment Are Environmentalists

Did you hear the scary rumor over the weekend that President Trump was about to renege on his promise to quit the UN Paris Climate Agreement? The good news is that it was #fakenews. (Shame on you, WSJ!) The bad news is that it wasn’t so implausible as to make anyone go “Donald Trump? Cave to the Greenies?? That would never happen in a million years!!!” Because the fact is, he still could very easily. After all, on green issues it’s not just a case of Donald Trump vs. Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, National Geographic, the Weather Channel, the Democrats, the Washington Post, the National Academy of Sciences, the UN, the European Union, the Nature Conservancy, the WWF, most university professors, and your kids’ schoolteachers, etc. It’s also a case of Donald Trump vs. large chunks of Congress and most of his administration, from all the Obama holdovers at the EPA to the majority of his inner circle including Javanka, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Chief Economics Advisor Gary Cohn. So how is Trump ever going to win this uphill struggle? Simple: by owning the environmental agenda and reminding the American public that it is conservatives—not shrill, rancid greenies with their soap issues, their plaited armpit hair and their obsession with the non-existent issue of climate change—who are best at conserving the natural world. Trump should make more, for example, of the excellent work being done by his Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue in the field of wildfires and forest management. You’ll almost certainly hear nothing about their efforts in the mainstream media because it concerns conservatives taking control of environmental regulation and working it to the benefit of the environment, as opposed to what liberals and greens generally do which is take control of environmentalism and then abuse it to advance a political agenda which has little if anything to do with saving the environment. This story has to do with one of the most enduring threats to the environment in the U.S. and beyond—poor forest management and the related problems of wildfires and tree disease. This is a danger more clear and present than any threat currently posed by “climate change.”

Indeed..  To read the rest of this op/ed by James Delingpole, click on the text above.

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