Black Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Kill White People

A Louisiana man is in custody after he allegedly threatened to kill white people, including children, police said. Police arrested Jacob Watson, 22, of New Orleans, Tuesday after he allegedly told a woman and her grandchildren at a park in Gretna that he would kill all white people and then assassinate children at a nearby school, WVUE reported. The Gretna Police Department said in a Facebook post that police canvassed the area until they could find Watson. Police told the Times-Picayune that they also notified school resource officers and searched an elementary and a middle school “just blocks away” from where the alleged incident took place. Once authorities apprehended Watson, he reportedly confessed that he made the threats to see how people would react. Police charged him with two counts of terrorizing, and he is being held on $100,000 bond. The Times-Picayune reported that police believe Watson had also been involved in an unrelated incident September 8 where witnesses say that a man allegedly said he would “kill all white people” and “make the news.” Before his arrest, Watson had already been on probation stemming from a prior conviction that was scheduled to expire in 2019. It is unclear whether he would face an additional charge for violating his probation. Watson also has a lengthy rap sheet that includes theft, burglary, battery, and narcotics possession charges. other words, a black, racist, attention-seeking, piece of garbage.  Just imagine if the racial makeup had been reversed and it was a white thug saying he wanted to “kill all Black people.”  Just imagine how the media and race hustlers would react to that.  Typical liberal hypocrisy.  Anyway, glad he was removed from the streets.  Unreal..

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