College Activists March on the Cafeteria: What Do We Want? Hydroponic Cilantro!

Students returning to the University of Texas at Austin this fall will have twice as much help wrestling with some of the big questions that college presents. For instance, does water contain gluten? And, is all food genetically modified? Those are among a growing list of food-related student queries that prompted UT Austin to hire a second campus dietitian ahead of the fall semester. The first, Lindsay Wilson, was overwhelmed with requests to craft personalized menus for picky eaters, to debunk urban myths about the contents of food the school serves and to recommend healthier lifestyle choices. “I have had a little pushback from some very feisty vegans,” she said. College students across the U.S. are making some precise demands of school chefs and dining halls. For a generation animated by a desire to make a difference and raised to believe personal wellness is paramount, a meaningful academic experience begins with minding what you eat. That’s inspired the University of Houston to spend $6,500 to build two hydroponic grow towers, vertical gardens that use nutrient-rich waters to cultivate cilantro and oregano indoors, without soil. The University of California, Los Angeles has installed aeroponic grow towers that grow plants with just mist. Thyme, butter lettuce and microgreens are flourishing in the breeze on the roof of UCLA’s Bruin Plate dining hall. “If you’re not eating good things, how do they expect your brain to grow?” said Hannah Logan, a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst majoring in sustainable food and farming.

Wow!  What a breathtakingly stupid question!!  Someone needs to slap Hannah upside the head and ask if Einstein or Newton had gluten-free waffles for breakfast.  Of course we’re all for eating healthy and living more healthy lifestyles.  That’s a given.  But, c’mon..  This is ridiculous.  I made it through college just fine, eating the slop in the cafeteria, just like millions of other college kids have done for generations.  And, I spent many a night with pots of coffee to get me through finals…just like everyone else I knew at the time.  Somehow we survived.  To read the rest of this vomit-worthy article, click on the text above.

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