Washington Post article linking Scalise shooter to conservative radio host sparks online outrage

The Washington Post struck out with many on social media over an article that appears to blame a right-wing Illinois shock jock for the Virginia shooting rampage by a Trump-hating, Bernie Sanders volunteer who targeted Republicans during a baseball practice. The lengthy piece takes aim at the foul-mouthed Bob Romanik, who spews invective on the AM dial from a studio in Belleville, Ill., shooter James Hodgkinson’s hometown. “What’s the point of this?” Buzz Feed political reporter Katherine Miller asked on Twitter. “The shooter hated Trump and there’s no indication in the story he listened to this pro-Trump host.” Washington Examiner political correspondent and Fox News contributor Byron York tweeted, “Revision of the year: WP suggests, without evidence, Alexandria shooter was inspired by right-wing bigoted radio talker.” “Devoted Bernie supporter shoots up baseball field of Republicans. Washington Post blames pro Trump talk radio in his hometown for it,” Heat Street contributor Stephen Miller said in a tweet. The Post article, written by Peter Holley, pointed out Hodgkinson “shot four people at a congressional baseball practice” in Virginia — but never got around to identifying the victims. Cops killed Hodgkinson after his rampage, which wounded House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, lobbyist Matt Mika, House GOP aide Zack Barth and Capitol Police Officer Crystal Griner. Capitol Police Officer David Bailey and Texas Rep. Roger Williams also were hurt during the incident. Scalise is still hospitalized following the June 14 shooting; he underwent surgery for an infection on July 5. The Post article reports that the shooting shocked the nation but not Romanik — “The Grim Reaper of Radio” — adding that among those who listen to his rants about race, crime and government are many disgruntled southern Illinois Democrats.

So, clearly the WP is trying to suggest that James Hodgkinson (a BERNIE SANDERS volunteer) listened to some local fringe right-wing radio guy, without ANY evidence whatsoever.  We KNOW (from the reporting) that James watched CNN and MSNBC (go figure).  So, it’s HIGHLY unlikely he watched Fox News, let alone listened to Rush…or that local radio guy.  But, that’s typical fake news we continue to get from the WP and the rest of the dominantly liberal mainstream media.

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