Trump stopping to pick up Marine’s hat blown away by wind is president’s latest viral moment

The latest President Trump moment lighting up the twitterspehere isn’t a social gaffe nor an awkward moment with another world leader. Instead, it’s video of the president retrieving a Marine’s hat that was blown off the service member’s head as he guards Marine One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where the president arrived Saturday on Air Force One after attending the G-20 summit in Germany. As Trump approaches Marine One, he bends down to pick up the hat and places it back on the Marine’s head and pats him on his arm. But the wind immediately blows the hat away again, prompting the president to chase the hat down. As Trump boards Marine One, he gives the hat to another military official, who places it on the Marine’s head.

If you’ve not seen this video yet, click on the text above.  This shows the contrast between Trump and his predecessor, Obama…who would NEVER have done something like that.  He had Marines hold umbrellas over his head, and had them carry around hors d’oeuvres at state functions (no joke!).  Trump has great respect for those of us who have served in uniform, and this shows it.  Awesome!!    🙂

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