‘Reynolds Wrap’s #1 Customer’: Malkin Rips Maddow’s Conspiracy Theories

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin said MSNBC host Rachel Maddow delves so often into “destroy Trump” conspiracy theories, she is “Reynolds’ Wrap’s number one customer.” “The tin foil hat consumption is through the roof,” Malkin said. “I think that Rachel Maddow must be Reynolds’ Wrap’s number one customer,” she said. Malkin and Sean Hannity recounted several incidents on Maddow’s news program in which she tried to draw connections between President Trump and Russia. “Even Chris Matthews said it’s dead,” Hannity said of Trump-Russia a “conspiracy theory.” Malkin dismissed a Rolling Stone profile of Maddow in which they bill her “the most trusted name in news.” She said Maddow shares with several others the “number one goal… to bash and obstruct the Trump administration.”

Honestly..  Who is really dumb enough to admit the actually regularly watch Rachell Maddow now that she has completely been discredited??   I saw her “breaking news” piece where she dragged out the “bombshell” about Trump’s partial IRS return from a few years ago.  What did we learn?  He’s a billionaire.  Yep, knew that.  And that he paid a LOT of taxes (around $38 million that year).  Yep.  We knew that too.  That self-righteous, sanctimonious, arrogant, smug, extreme liberal elitist is such a nauseating tool..  And, what’s worse…she thinks she’s smart!  Yet, all of her conspiracy theories and “fake news” pieces have been thoroughly discredited!!  What a moron..  Kudos to Colorado Springs native Michelle Malkin for calling Rachell on her nonsense.  Excellent!!


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