Starnes: Bernie Sanders attacks Trump nominee for following teachings of Christ

First they came for the wedding planners and the bakers. Then they came for the Catholic farmers and the Baptist high school valedictorians. And now, the secularists are coming after the evangelical public servants. On Wednesday, Russell Vought, President Trump’s nominee to be deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, was viciously attacked by Sen. Bernie Sanders over his Christian faith. Sen. Sanders deemed Vought unsuitable for office because he believes that salvation is found alone through Jesus Christ. He said someone with that kind of a religious belief system is “really not someone who this country is supposed to be about.” Sen. James Lankford warned that Sander’s comments “dangerously close to crossing a clear constitutional line for how we evaluate qualifications for public service.” “The First Amendment is crystal clear that the federal government must protect every American’s right to the peaceful and free exercise of religion,” the Oklahoma Republican said. “We cannot say we have the free exercise of religion and also require people to practice their faith only in a way that government officials prefer.” The Vermont senator’s comments brought strong condemnation from Christians across the nation – including Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. “Senator Sanders is taking the Obama era’s religious hostility and putting it on steroids,” Perkins said. Thousands have signed a Family Research Council petition demanding Sanders apologize for his outburst of religious bigotry. Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas (and a Fox News contributor), said that there are only two choices for the senator: “Apologize to the country for his foolhardy attempt to introduce an unconstitutional litmus test that would exclude 41 percent of the country, or resign.” The controversy stems from an article Vought wrote in 2016 defending his alma mater, Wheaton College. In that article, he described Islam as a “deficient theology.” “This is a fundamental problem,” he wrote in The Resurgent. “Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology. They do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ his Son, and they stand condemned.” Sanders confronted Vought during the congressional hearing. To read a transcript of the exchange been Sen. Sanders and Russell Vought, click here.

Wow..  You really can’t make this stuff up, folks..  We all know how much of a lunatic, crazy ol’ Bernie is.  But, now we can add the adjective bigot to the list.  Isn’t ironic how the left is also preaching how we all need to be more “tolerant”..  But, when it comes to Christians, the left is VERY intolerant..  If you’re a Christian, you can’t have a job in government.  That is essentially what Bernie is suggesting.  So what if he this guy thinks Islam is a “deficient theology” (which, by the way, it is).  Who cares?  That has NOTHING to do with the time of day, or the job for which he is being considered.  Oh.. and what about that First Amendment to the Constitution?  Christians (who make up over 70% of Americans, according to the last census) are entitled to it’s protections.  Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) was more than right to slam Bernie for hiss outrageous questions and bigoted grandstanding.  Unreal..

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