‘I’m Asking the Questions’: Sparks Fly as Dem Sen. Scolds Gen. Kelly at Hearing

Freshman Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) engaged in a testy exchange with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly over sanctuary cities. Kelly was testifying before the Senate Homeland Security Committee in defense of President Trump’s plans to curb sanctuary cities. Harris appeared increasingly frustrated with Kelly’s answers, and cut the retired general off a few times.. “We have a different view of the impact of some of the state rulings,” Kelly told Harris, before she cut in. Harris then said Kelly was giving sanctuary cities a “Hobbesian choice” between complying with federal law and risking civil liabilities in order to continue to receive federal funding. The normally unflappable Kelly grew irritated, and responded: “Had you not cut me off I would have said the same thing,” he said. After several exchanges and a few interruptions, Harris said “I’m asking the questions.” Harris again asked if Kelly was alright with “exposing” cities to liabilities when they entertain ICE detainer requests. “Before I start to answer, will you let me finish?” Kelly asked. “If it’s responsive to the question, of course,” Harris replied. Harris has been floated as a possible opponent to Trump in 2020.

..which is why she was acting this way.  It was purely showmanship in front of the cameras to play toward her Democrat base.  At the same time, however, she also stirred up the GOP base who are disgusted with her self-righteous, sanctimonious, arrogance and disrespect toward Sec. Kelly; a highly decorated, retired 4-star Marine Corps general.  Sec. Kelly is a man who has sacrificed for this great country in ways this obnoxious bitch couldn’t begin to fathom.  Heck, Sec. Kelly even lost his son in combat.  Someone oughtta just slap her.  Anyway, to see this exchange, click on the text above.  Unreal..

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