Alleged NSA Leaker Once Said ‘Being White Is Terrorism’

The woman who allegedly leaked top-secret information from the National Security Agency to a news outlet once said that “being white is a form of terrorism.” Reality Winner, who is white, tweeted to rapper Kanye West in February that he should make a shirt saying whiteness is a form of terrorism. “@kanyewest you should make a shirt that says, ‘being white is terrorism,’” Winner wrote on Twitter. A search of Winner’s Twitter account shows multiple left-wing messages disparaging President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, ranging from calling the president an “orange fascist” to calling Sessions a “Confederate general” who encourages racism: Winner’s Facebook page also shows posts “resisting” Trump with the hashtags #NeverMyPresident and #resist, but one such post is no longer available: The left-wing activist reportedly supported Sen. Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election and followed NSA leaker Edward Snowden on Twitter. Winner worked as a government contractor with Pluribus International Corporation in Georgia and was charged Monday with allegedly leaking NSA documents on Russian election hacking to The Intercept.

Where do these lunatics come from?!?!  You really can’t make this stuff up, folks..

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