Coulter on Kathy Griffin: Victims Are the Biggest Bullies in the Country Now

Friday on his Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson had author Ann Coulter weigh in on Kathy Griffin’s emotional press conference where the comedian accused President Donald Trump and his family of trying to “ruin” her life after she posed for a picture holding a fake decapitated head of the president. Coulter slammed the victimhood mentality of liberals, saying victims have become the biggest bullies in the United States. “Victimhood is like a magical elixir that makes any kind of behavior possible, justifies any kind of overreach or cruelty. It’s like the perfect tool,” Carlson said. “That was the theme of my book, Guilty, how victims had turned themselves into the aggressors and thereby wonder around creating other victims,” Coulter replied. “Victims are the biggest bullies in the country now.” “I don’t think it’s an attack for Trump just to comment that his ten-year-old son had seen that disgusting image that wasn’t funny and wasn’t interesting and oh, she was just so smug and thought it was so funny,” she later added.

Ann makes an excellent point here!!  Just think about all of the politically correct, liberal, agenda-driven, entitlement-minded, fascists in our society who claim some form of disingenuous victim status so that they can be bullies to the rest of us…   Black Lives Matter, the militant LGBT mafia, PETA, NOW, NARAL, George Soros,, PBS/NPR, Hillary, …and now, yes, Kathy Griffin.  Kathy was VERY open about saying she wanted to go after Barron, a child, because of his father.  THEN, when the world sees the kind of twisted and sick loser she is, and rightfully rejects her, she claims victim status.  Wow..  It’s time we stopped letting these losers bully us.

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