5 foods to boost your energy if you got a bad night’s sleep

More than one-third of Americans sleep fewer than seven hours a night, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And that can mess with your ability to function the next day. In fact, a National Sleep Foundation poll found 45 percent of Americans said a bad night’s sleep got in the way of their daily activities at least once in the past week. Not logging enough zzzs has negative side effects that go beyond just making you feel sluggish. People who regularly miss out on sleep are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes, obesity, hypertension and depression. They also have a decreased quality of life and productivity and increased chances of making errors at work and on the road. Poor sleep has also been linked to weight gain because sleep deprivation messes with hunger hormones, so you end up hungrier and more likely to reach for fatty and sugary foods, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Of course, there are some days when getting seven-plus hours of sleep just isn’t possible. That’s when you should reach for energy-boosting foods to help you get through the day, starting with these five. Click here to see our list.

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