Illegal Alien Allegedly Broke into Florida Home, Nearly Choked Woman to Death

A Florida man whom deputies say entered the U.S. illegally allegedly broke into a woman’s home and almost choked her to death Sunday. Deputies say Juan Arteaga-Orozco, 36, faces felony charges including attempted murder and burglary in connection with the incident, WFLA reported. Polk County deputies responded to a call at a home in Davenport at around 4:06 a.m. about a suspected burglary. One of the victims told deputies that Orozco got into bed with her while she was asleep and followed her down a hallway as she yelled for help. Orozco allegedly grabbed her neck with both hands and said, “Shut up, shut up or I’m going to kill you.” The first victim said Orozco squeezed her neck so tight that she could not breathe and felt like she would faint. She added that she was afraid he would kill her. WOFL reports that the victim told authorities that there was no sexual contact between her and the suspect. Another victim heard screaming upon entering the house, according to deputies. The second victim noticed Orozco attempting to flee and tried to capture him, but the suspect pushed the victim away and fled the home through the front door. WFTS reported that deputies found Orozco’s vehicle parked in front of the home. Deputies allege that Orozco entered the residence without permission, choked one victim with the intent to kill her, and intentionally shoved the other victim. “This is an example of an immigrant in our country illegally committing serious and violent crimes,” Sheriff Grady Judd said. “He also has a criminal history, and should have been deported after committing his earlier crimes.” Orozco has a criminal history that includes five felony charges and two misdemeanors dating back to 2004. Orozco is being held at Polk County Jail without bond, and an ICE hold will be placed on him.

Good!  That’s how it’s supposed to happen!  NO bail, and deport him…after securing some biometric data (i.e. fingerprints, etc.) to track him, should he re-enter the United States again.

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