UFO hunter claims proof of giant alien ship that crashed ‘millions of years ago’

A Russian conspiracy theorist claims these images show the wreckage of a huge alien spaceship which crash-landed in Antarctica millions of years ago. Valentin Degteryov posted images of the UFO, which he claims has gone undiscovered because it is covered with snow, after spotting the dark shape on Google Earth. The UFO hunter, from Nizhny Tagil in Western Russia, says the object is 1,900-feet long. He believes the wreckage has only become visible now because of ice melting on the earth’s most southerly continent. A video posted by Degteryov has attracted hundreds of thousands of hits since it was uploaded yesterday. But many dismissed his theories, and said the shape was just a rocky outcrop on a barren mountain. Valentin listed the coordinates of the object as 73~13’55.09″S,71~57’12.98″W. It’s not the first bizarre UFO theory to emerge based on satellite images.

To see the photos in question, click on the text above…and you be the judge.    🙂

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