FEC boss who tried to muzzle Drudge now on Soros payroll

The former chairwoman of the Federal Election Commission, who famously eyed regulating the politics of conservative outlets like the Drudge Report, has joined an advocacy group funded by George Soros and run by his son. Ann Ravel is the first fellow listed with the California advocacy group New America. Her fellowship began in March and pays a $30,000 stipend. “We want to help amplify the work of each of our fellows, both to help them better articulate and reach their target audience, and to raise their profiles as change-makers,” according to the group. Since leaving the FEC, Ravel has continued to speak out for more election regulation, especially on the internet where she sees political advertising shifting to in the next presidential contest. She has applauded calls for regulating political speech and spending on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and this week endorsed tracing the funding of online ads and regulating individual Twitter accounts. In a tweet, for example, she drew attention to a report of a Twitter supporter of Donald Trump named “Amy” who the San Francisco Examiner could not find. Ravel tweeted, “Searching for proof of Amy. FEC allows anonymous internet political ads & refuses to regulate foreign $-leads 2 this.” New America receives funding from the Soros group Open Society Foundations and it is run by Soros son Jonathan Soros.

What a nazi!  Ann Ravel is a big government, extreme liberal, fascist out to regulate speech she, and her ilk, don’t agree with.  This is actual fascism folks; the kind of thing that liberal hypocrites like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews over at MSNBC accuse Trump and those in his administration of…which, of course, is ridiculous…and there is NO evidence of.  By extreme contrast, Ann, George Soros and other liberals like them truly DO want to censor certain types of speech, and are actually going after individuals and organizations they want to regulate.  It is they who you really need to worry about.  Keep this in mind the next time you hear some self-righteous, liberal hypocrite like Chris Matthews talk about a “whif of fascism.”  Tool…

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