Nevada gives 80 mph speed limit the green light

Nevada has become the seventh state to enact an 80 mph speed limit. The signs announcing the change started going up on I-80 last week. It’s the fastest limit allowed in the Silver State since before the national 55 mph limit was established in the 1970s. Prior to that, Nevada let drivers to travel at “safe and sane” speeds, which effectively meant there was no limit on some roads. Nevada joins South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah, which all have 80 mph limits in sparsely populated areas, while the highest in the land is found on Texas State Highway 130, a privately-operated toll road that connects San Antonio and Austin where you can drive 85 mph. The higher speed is on 130 miles of Interstate 80 in the high desert, from 40 miles east of Reno to the rural town of Winnemucca. Parts of Nevada’s colorful past and present dot the route, which runs along a trail used by pioneers bound for the Gold Rush in the 1840s. A state historical sign describes the Forty Mile Desert as a “barren stretch of waterless alkali wasteland,” while an 1850 survey there counted the remains of about 5,000 horses, 3,750 cattle, 1,060 mules and 950 graves. Back then, it took wagon trains days to cover the 40 miles. Now motorists can do it in a half-hour.

Excellent!!  Kudos to Nevada for bumping it up.    🙂

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