Kellyanne Conway Fires Back at Morning Joe’s Baseless Attack: ‘It Is a Privilege to Assist President Trump’

Counselor to President Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway is firing back hard at Morning Joe hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough for baselessly claiming she does not actually support President Trump. Conway said in a statement on Tuesday: ” The hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe have become virulent critics of the President and those close to him. Ignoring insults and insinuations is a valuable skill. But when sentiments are attributed to me that are not true, it is necessary to respond. My beliefs, commitments and loyalties are plain to see. The notion that I am serving for ‘the money’ or a ‘paycheck’ is absurd. As campaign manager, I made a fraction of what other consultants have made on unsuccessful presidential campaigns. Then I walked away from dozens of opportunities for millions of dollars, and instead walked into the White House. I would do it again. It is a privilege to assist President Trump in the White House, just as it was during the campaign. I know him, I respect him, I believe in him, and I am confident in his capacity to be a transformative and successful President.” Conway’s Tuesday statement comes after evidence-less attacks from Scarborough and Brzezinski on Monday morning’s program, in which they claimed that Conway—Trump’s successful general election campaign manager—is only in it for the money. They even claimed that Conway once said she needed “a shower” after standing up for Trump when the microphones were off during the campaign, something on which they provided no proof.

Just more “fake news” from MSNBC and Morning Joe..  It offends the intellect to think that there are actually registered voters who pay attention to that crap..  Unreal..  To read the rest of this article, click on the text above.

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