Conway on Anderson Cooper’s Eye-Roll: I Face Sexism Often in TV Interviews

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway reacted this morning to an interview she did Tuesday night in which CNN host Anderson Cooper noticeably rolled his eyes. Cooper had brought Conway on his show to discuss President Trump’s decision hours earlier to fire FBI Director James Comey. Conway said this morning on “Fox & Friends” she encounters sexism often when she goes on TV for interviews, recalling how Hillary Clinton’s campaign complained of facing sexism by voters. Conway asked whether Clinton or a spokesperson for a Democratic president would have ever faced such treatment. “Can you imagine rolling your eyes, having a male anchor on a network roll [his] eyes at Hillary Clinton, a female representative spokeswoman for President Obama or President Bill Clinton? I think not,” said Conway. She also reacted to reports that the White House did not have a messaging strategy ready to go when the Comey firing was announced. According to Politico, the president became “enraged” at the negative coverage and the fact that no one was defending his decision. Conway said when the president looks at “most shows,” he sees panels skewed heavily against him, sometimes by a 6-to-1 ratio. “You had people using words to describe the actions of the president himself that are just incomprehensible. And presumptive, of course, all the presumptive negativity,” she said.

Anderson Cooper is a poster child for that self-righteous, arrogant, smug, liberal elitism very prevalent in the dominantly liberal mainstream media.  We posted an article here a couple weeks ago about that “smug” attitude, and with the liberal gay crowd (like Anderson and Rachel Maddow, among others), its even worse.  Anderson is a nauseating, obnoxious, smug, liberal tool.  But because he’s gay, he probably doesn’t even realize how offensively sexist he’s being.  In his mind, it’s probably ok to act that way toward a conservative female with whom he disagrees.  But, Kellyanne is exactly right when she points out that there is NO way you’d EVER seem him or any other liberal personality on tv do that to Hillary, or anyone on the staff for Bill Clinton or Obama.  You’d NEVER see that!  But, again, because Kellyanne is conservative, and working for Trump (whom they loathe), it’s ok to be an ass like that.  CNN should suspend Anderson for his brazenly disrespectful attitude toward Kellyanne…and ALL of those self-righteous, sanctimonious women in the U.S. Senate and House should do a “march” on CNN’s DC office demaning as much.  You know they’d do it if it were one of their own.  Anyway, to see the full interview, and see a video of Anderson rolling his eyes, click on the text above.

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