Starnes: Bible reading not allowed before class, Northern Arizona Univ. professor tells student

It’s apparently okay to read history books at Northern Arizona University, but not the Good Book. Mark Holden, a 22-year-old history major, tells me he was ordered to leave a lecture hall after his professor objected to him reading the Bible before the start of the class. Holden alleges that Professor Heather Martel ordered him to put away the Good Book around six minutes before a scheduled history class. It’s unclear why she objected to the reading of God’s Word. According to her biography, Professor Martel is a noted scholar who is working on an essay titled, “The Gender Amazon: Indigenous Female Masculinity in Early Modern European Representations of Contact.” She also teaches classes on Global Queer History and Feminist Theory. When Holden declined to stop reading his Bible, the professor summoned Derek Heng, the chairman of the department. Heng then proceeded to explain the situation. Holden recorded the conversation and turned it over to congressional candidate Kevin Cavanaugh. In turn, Cavanaugh provided me with a copy of the audio. “So Professor Martel says that she doesn’t want you sitting in front of her because you put, you know, a Bible out, right?” Heng said. “So she doesn’t want me in the front because I have my Bible out,” Holden replied. “No, I think she, I mean, well why do you have your Bible out anyway,” Heng asked. After a bit more back and forth regarding the dynamics in the classroom, the chairman of the department got to the heart of the issue. “So, will you, will you, will you, put your Bible away,” Heng asked. The incident occurred back in February, but just recently became public after Campus Reform reported on the controversy. Holden had previously drawn the ire of his professor during a classroom discussion on assimilation. “All the students agreed with her that assimilation is oppressive and evil,” Holden said. “I suggested there are both positive and negative aspects to assimilation.” As an example, he referenced a report about two Muslim men in California who reportedly said the Koran justified doing terrible things to women. “She told me I was a racist and she would not tolerate that kind of racism in the class,” Holden said. “I told her Islam was not a race and I was only talking about what the two Muslims men as individuals said – I was not making broad claims about Islam or my interpretation of the Koran.” After a bit of back and forth, Holden said the professor told the class, “Welcome to Trump’s new America – where straight white males can say prejudicial things without being reprimanded for it.” I reached out to Holden and university officials for their side of the story – but so far they have not returned my calls. However, I did obtain an email Martel sent to Holden warning him about “disruptive behavior.” “For the remainder of the class, I will ask you to move to one of the desks along the wall by the door,” she wrote. “The roll sheet will be passed to you. You will make sure that students who come in late sign in. I will also require that you respect me and the other students in the class by acting in a civil manner.”

Soo.. At a publicly funded university in AZ, a professor is openly attacking one of her students for reading a Bible BEFORE class, and then goes on to attack his race (white) in front of the rest of the class, thereby humiliating him…and then penalizes the poor kid for having the nerve to question her liberal orthodoxy regarding assimilation.  Wow..  This professor should be suspended, and the kid apologized to in writing by that professor.  To read the rest of this investigative piece by culture warrior Todd Starnes, and hear that recording in question, click on the text above.  This type of political correctness should NOT be tolerated on our colleges and universities.  And, if this crap continues, tax-payer funding should be withheld.


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