Trump supporters headline free speech rally at University of California, Berkeley

Trump supporters descended upon the University of California, Berkeley on Thursday to reaffirm the principles of free speech and robust debate after the school canceled a scheduled lecture by conservative author Ann Coulter. Canadian contrarians Gavin McInnes and Lauren Southern headlined a free speech rally at MLK Park and read an excerpt from Ms. Coulter’s planned speech in her stead. “They may be able to stop us from speaking on the campus, they may be able to throw punches, to spray pepper spray, throw bricks at us, but they can’t stop an idea,” Ms. Southern said. “They can’t stop the history of this nation and the determination to defend free speech and protect God-given rights.” Berkeley officials canceled Ms. Coulter’s speech last week citing security concerns and the possibility of violence, but quickly reversed course after a backlash ensued. Despite the university’s assurance that she was welcome, Ms. Coulter said she had to cancel the speech Wednesday after losing the backing of the student group that invited her, Young Americans for Freedom. The free speech rally was mostly peaceful, with protesters and hecklers only sparsely populated in the surrounding area. Among the hundreds of attendees were representatives from Oath Keepers and Bikers for Trump, who said they were there to ensure the event remained peaceful. Many of the participants were clad in black and wore motorcycle helmets. The excerpt from Ms. Coulter’s speech argued against accepting Muslim immigrants and those in need of government assistance. “When Trump merely proposed we stop importing people whose religion teaches them to kill us, the media called him a racist,” Mr. McInnes read. “Republicans said that’s not who we are. They know us so well. There are 7 billion people in the world; we don’t have to take any of them. There’s no constitutional right for the rest of the world to move here. “Immigrants are showing up with a lot of needs and a lot of grievances,” he continued. “Why do we owe them? If you have grievances, go home and address the perpetrators. We owe you nothing. By my reckoning, they owe us.”

Exactly!!!  No foreign national has a U.S. constitutional right to come to America.  It is a privilege!!  And these snotty, entitlement-minded, liberal, tender snowflakes who shout down the likes of Ann Coulter and others who have the nerve to say such basic common sense truths are the real fascists.  Kudos to Gavin and Lauren for picking up the baton for Ann and carrying it forward.

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