Fox Sports Talker Joe Buck Advises Announcers to ‘Stick to Sports’

Joining the growing chorus of those hoping sportscasters will stop injecting left-wing politics into their sports announcing, Fox Sports’ Joe Buck recently said that sports announcers need to dump their focus on politics and stick to sports. In an interview with Sporting News, Buck said he felt that constantly injecting politics into sports is bound to anger many fans. “I think people watch these games to get away from that stuff. I think you risk alienating, and upsetting, a lot of people when you start going down that rabbit hole,” Buck said. The sportscaster noted that as a game announcer he needs to keep his eye on the ball, if you will. “I’ve got to be aware that another play or another pitch is about to happen. My job is to call the action. Not stand on a soapbox and go on and on and on about a point, and forget about the game,” he said.

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