EPA perk — $15,000 tax paid gym memberships

It’s nice to be a tax paid bureaucrat, isn’t it? An employee at the Environmental Protection Agency was just busted for spending $15,000 on gym memberships for 37 people. Kevin Broadax, a contracting officer for the agency’s Las Vegas office, put the one-year memberships for 24-Hour Fitness — actually totaling $14,799.63 — on a government credit card. He was outed when Americans for Tax Reform slapped the agency with a Freedom of Information Act request, and found the receipt. And you know what else? The EPA’s employees already have access to a gym at UNLV — a really top-of-the-line gym that offers volleyball, basketball, racquetball, a massive cardio center, an indoor track, spa, juice bar and swimming pool. Come on now. Even by the wildest stretch of imagination, there’s no just cause for this expenditure — there’s no carbon footprint study that needs to be conducted at the 24-Hour Fitness facility, no greenhouse gas emission testing that needs to be done. This is pure bureaucratic entitlement mindset, at its worst. And slapping Americans’ faces further is the realization that while this corruption is going on, the leftists and environmentalists of the nation are crying about President Donald Trump’s cuts to the EPA, moaning about the destruction of the world and demise of clean air and water. This is fraud. And while EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said his agency’s cutting the gym memberships, fact is this $15,000 expenditure is a tiny drop in a very large sea of government waste and financial mismanagement. Just goes to show Americans are taxed enough — it’s the dishonest bureaucrats who aren’t spending properly.

Agreed!!  Cheryl K. Chumley is responsible for that spot on analysis.  Excellent!!

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