St. Louis sues NFL, teams over Rams relocation to Los Angeles

The city of St. Louis sued the NFL on over the Rams’ relocation to Los Angeles and is seeking $1 billion in damages, Reuters reported Wednesday. The suit alleges that the league violated its own relocation guidelines and profited off the move that left St. Louis without a football team for the first time since 1995. The lawsuit, filed in St. Louis Circuit Court 15 months after the Rams left for L.A., names the league, all 32 teams and their owners. “While we understand the disappointment of the St. Louis fans and the community, we worked diligently with local and state officials in a process that was honest and fair at all times,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in an email to Reuters. The suit alleges Rams owner Stan Kroenke began plotting a move back to Los Angeles soon after he purchased the team outright in 2010. The Rams moved from Los Angeles to St. Louis before the 1995 season after the city offered to build a new publicly funded dome stadium. “In the years leading up to the Rams relocation request, Rams officials decided to move the team and confidentially determined that they would be interested in exploiting any opportunity to do so,” the lawsuit states, according to the Associated Press. The suit alleges that the city will have lost more than $100 million in net proceeds from the move. The Rams currently play at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum while their stadium in Inglewood is expected to open in 2019. The NFL has allowed three teams to relocate in a little more than a year. The Chargers left San Diego and will join the Rams in Los Angeles starting this season, and NFL owners approved the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas, which is expected to occur before the start of the 2020 season.

This story is near and dear to yours truly..  I’ve been a lifelong RAMS fan, and also originally from St. Louis.  So, when they came to St. Louis, I was a kid in a candy store! But, when owner Stan K. (a man named after famed St. Louis Cardinal Stan “the Man” Musial, and who made his millions in real estate IN St. Louis) moved the team back to LA, that was seen for what it was; purely about money.  And, it was a slap in the face to all the fans in St. Louis who stuck by a team through thick and thin…and let me tell ya.. Being a RAMS fan requires fortitude.  And, not that there is anything wrong with wanting top make money.   BUT, apparently there WAS a breach of contract, and there is a case to be made that Stan, and the NFL, did not act in good faith.  So, we predict that this lawsuit will go forward, and that there will be SOME settlement.  After all, this is bad press for the NFL and they want this to go away.  Glad to see my hometown sticking it to the NFL.  This will be interesting to keep an eye on..  The NFL is all about money, politics,  and political correctness nowadays; praising tools like Colin K. for his “statements” and wearing pink on everything for an entire month, etc.  It’s no longer about just playing football….and that’s turning off fans…like me.

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