Mexican sewage routinely fouling San Diego beaches, ocean waters

During the 17 days that 140 million gallons of raw sewage poured from Mexico into the Tijuana River and then into the ocean fronting several popular South San Diego communities, no Mexican official disclosed the potential health and environmental hazards. Despite the silence when the spill began Feb. 6, some 200,000 people living in South San Diego, Imperial Beach and Chula Vista knew there was something amiss. Even a mile away from the Tijuana River they could smell the eye-watering, throat-burning, overwhelming smell of raw sewage. They’d eventually learn this was the worst sewage spill in the region in a decade. The spill resulted in several miles of beaches being closed for five to six weeks from the Mexican border north to the city of Coronado. One beach by the border is still closed. “For San Diego, which is defined by its relationship with the ocean, this kind of massive sewage spill across the border is unacceptable,” U.S. Rep. Scott Peters, a Democrat who represents some of the affected areas, said..

Agreed!!  We should get the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and whoever else we need, to get this cleaned up immediately…and then send the bill to Mexico.  Then, we need t0 humiliate them publicly…and make them apologize for this outrageous incident.  I don’t give a damn about their ego and that whole machismo cultural bs.  This is beyond unacceptable, and we can’t allow for them to save face over it.  Had N. Korea done this, we’d consider it an act of war, and rightly so.  Mexico is a corrupt disaster…and needs to be held to account…again, publicly.  Unreal..  To read the rest of this shocking article, click on the text above.

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