Starnes: Maybe Trump should send all the refugees to Hawaii?

There is more judicial tyranny to warn you about. The latest – Judge Derrick Watson of Hawaii – he blocked President Trump’s temporary immigration ban. The President called Judge Watson’s decision unprecedented judicial overreach. Critics say it’s a ban on Muslims. But that’s not true. It’s a ban on refugees from countries infested with jihadists. What in the name of Don Ho is wrong with these people? Judge Watson’s decision puts all of us in grave danger. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says around three hundred of the FBI’s active domestic terror investigations involve people who came here as refugees. That’s a lot of potential jihadists. How many more Americans must die in the name of political correctness? So I say send all the refugees to Honolulu. Every last one of them. Let them put on a grass skirt, toss back a Mai-Tai and sing Tiny Bubbles on Waikiki Beach. Just keep them out of the Lower 48. Aloha, America.

Point taken, Todd.  Culture warrior Todd Starnes was the author of that biting op/ed.  The Aloha state (HI) is SO fascist and liberal that they’re actually currently considering a state law to FORCE churches and pro-life organizations to advocate for abortions; to promote them.  Just wrap your brain around that.  That’s pure fascism; compelling organizations to advocate for something they don’t believe in!  Whatever happened to free speech, and “freedom of association?”  Unreal..

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