Tancredo on Sessions Flap: Democrats’ Ferocious Malevolence Matched by Congressional Republicans’ Cowardice

This week we are reminded of that old political axiom– “I can handle my enemies, but please, God, protect me from my friends.” A handful of Republicans in Congress joined the concerted attack by Democrat leaders in criticizing Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not answering a question that was never asked in his confirmation hearing. As part of his confirmation hearing in a Senate committee, Sessions was asked by Sen. Al Franken about meetings with “foreigners” while serving as a surrogate for candidate Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Sessions replied that he had no such meetings while assisting the Trump campaign.

And, that’s because he didn’t.  Did he appropriately meet with them as a member of the Senate Arms committee?  Absolutely.  But, that wasn’t the question being asked.  And yet, the self-righteous, hypocritical Dems like Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi are wanting AG Jeff Sessions’ head, the facts be damned.  And, unfortunately, there are several shameless Republicans ready to eat their own.  This outstanding analysis was done by former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO).  As many of you know, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Tom on several occasions.  He’s the one who turned me on to
“Clash of Civilizations” by Samuel Huntington, and other must-reads.  But, I digress..  To read the rest of Tom’s article, click on the text above.

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