Former ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist: Leaders wanted to burn MN gov’s mansion, capitol

Trey Turner, who says he protested police killings in St. Paul, Minnesota, created a video to expose what he learned while he was active with the group. Turner said he joined Black Lives Matter after the shooting of Jamar Clark last March, and that he was a part of the “4th Precinct shutdown.” He said he joined because activists insisted the movement was peaceful and “didn’t hate whites.” According to Turner, he was an active participant in the protests at the governor’s mansion after the shooting death of Philando Castile last July. He said while much of the protesting was a party, the rhetoric grew threatening and sinister. “I had a debate with one of the lead organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement in St. Paul,” Turner said. “His name was Brian Allen and during this debate with him, I was called a racist, and I was called an Uncle Tom because I said that blacks need to address the killing of each other just like they need to address the killings by police.” Turner said he overheard Allen in conversation with other people that if the officer involved was not charged, “that they would burn down the governor’s mansion. And there was talk about going beyond that and burning down the mansions that are on Summit Avenue with the governor’s mansion.” Turner named another organizer, Curtis Avent. “He mentioned burning down city hall, he mentioned burning down the capitol building, he mentioned burning down the police station,” Turner said in the video. “These are things mentioned by organizers of Black Lives Matter St. Paul and people were behind it,” he said. “I was not behind it.” According to Turner, organizers believed the public buildings represented “white privilege” and they needed to be burned down. He said an unnamed organizer justified kicking the press out of their protests because it was “white media” that would “only show the protesters being violent.”

And, it only gets worse…  To see the video, and read the rest of the article, click on the text above.  And, who again are the real racists??  Exactly..  We’ve been saying from day one here at The Daily Buzz that BLM is nothing short of a black, racist, domestic terrorist organization.

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