Navy SEAL Raid in Yemen Spotlights Issue of Female Terrorists Amid Trump’s Temporary Refugee Halt

Lost in much of the news media coverage surrounding the deadly Navy SEAL raid in Yemen last Sunday is that the details of the operation spotlight the issue of female terrorists inside that country, extremists who could potentially abuse the U.S. refugee program. Numerous articles the past two weeks have sought to frame President Donald Trump’s temporary halt on refugees while the government revamps its flawed security screening process as an action that disproportionately harms female refugees, as if only males could be potential jihadists. “Children, women account for most Syrian refugees to US,” reads a Boston Globe article. The newspaper relates: “President Trump’s indefinite ban on the entry of refugees fleeing war-torn Syria will primarily affect children and women. Nearly three quarters of the Syrian refugees who were settled in the United States last year were either children or women, federal data show.” The popular Elle magazine featured a piece titled, “8 Women Respond to Trump’s Immigration Ban.” The Council on Foreign Relations lamented the “disproportionate impact” Trump’s executive order “will have on women.” “How Trump’s executive order harms women refugees,” was the title of the CFR post. Missing from the debate about the refugee program’s impact on women are reports that female fighters aided al-Qaida militants during last Sunday’s raid in Yemen, one of seven countries singled out in Trump’s temporary refugee halt. According to those reports, the daring mission sought to gather intelligence on al-Qaida groups in Yemen and detain local tribal leaders purportedly collaborating with the global terrorist group. Instead, as the New York Times reported, “a massive firefight ensued, claiming the life of an American sailor and at least one Yemeni child.” The Times reported U.S. commandoes were surprised when women joined the gun battle..

Well, no need to be surprised about that..  We’ve been seeing female suicide bombers for years; over a decade.  It’s been well documented even in unclassified sources.  This refugee ban is eminently smart.  Heck, Obama did the same thing back in 2010, and did so for 6 months; not a mere 120 days as Trump wants to do.  But..  It’s Trump.  And, as one tv pundit said recently, “if Trump found the cure for cancer, they’d figure a way to condemn or attack him.”  No kidding..  There is now sufficient FACTUAL info out there for Americans to get a sense of the real threat we face from these Islamo-fascist lunatics.  And, we should ALL be demanding..  Why wasn’t this ban on immigrants and so-called “refugees” not in place already?!?   These idiot protestors either are willfully ignorant and need to be simply ignored.  Hopefully Trump will just keep driving on and not letting those losers distract him.  Anyway, to read the rest of that article, click on the text above.

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